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Partners in Design: Bauhaus-Pioniere in Amerika

Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 25.3.–23.7.2017


Auto Didactica. Wire Models from Burundi

Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich (CH), 17.3.2017–18.2.2018

Private Confessions

Drawing & Jewellery
Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, 10.3.-7.5.2017


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Rita Leppiniemi / Jorunn Veiteberg (eds)


I’d Love the Key to the Master Lock (Vol. 1) Score for a Longer Conversation (Vol. 2)
2 vols, decorative slipcase, softcover, 19 x 25.3 cm. Vol. 1: approx. 1,000 pp., with over 1,500 ills. Vol. 2: approx. 300 pp., approx. 250 ills. English.
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The work of the Norwegian artist Bård Breivik (1948-2016) unfolds over more than 1,000 pages in a stunning presentation of a career in sculpture and Conceptual art encompassing more than forty years. Thematically arranged source material, including interviews, sketches, anecdotes and reviews elucidate the phenomenon that is Bård Breivik.

The sheer volume of his oeuvre is also reflected in his choice of materials: he switches as if by sleight of hand between sand and snow, wood, rock and steel. In a series that has continued to evolve since 1986, he has persisted in working on vertically arranged forms 120 cm in length, which have been designed with the means of differing cultural traditions, thus retaining their uniqueness.

Book 1 with essays and contributions by Jan H. Landro, Mats B, Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Stig Holmaas, Ingvild Krogvig, Gerhard Stoltz, Arvid Pettersen, Jorunn Veiteberg, Lars Nittve, Jan Håfström, Ulf Rollof, Paul Osipow, Sune Nordgren, Bo Nilsson, Gerd Tinglum/Hilmar Fredriksen, Georg Morgenstern, Sverre Wyller, Martin Puryear, Jørgen Lund, Janne Stang Dahl, Wu Hong, Frode Sandvik

Book 2 with essays and contributions by Lars Nittve, Ika Kaminka, Cato Litangen, Henrik Roaldsnes, Aslaug Nyrnes

Installation in December 2015

Bård Breivik created a monumental facade for the new building of the Lillehammer Art Museums. Making of.

Next group exhibition: Silent Revolt: Norwegian Process Art and Conceptual Art in the 70's and 80's at the Museum of Contemporary Art/The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo (NO), 4.3.-18.9.2016.


Rita Leppiniemi / Jorunn Veiteberg (eds)


I’d Love the Key to the Master Lock (Vol. 1)
Score for a Longer Conversation (Vol. 2)

Hardcover edition in 2 vols in a slip case

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