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Elena Tsareva


Masterpieces of Steppe Art from 16th to 19th Centuries.
The Hoffmeister Collection.
192 pages, 24.5 x 32 cm, 185 colour illustrations. Hardcover. Text in English with German translation.
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The Hoffmeister Collection is one of the best and most extensive private collections of antique and historic Turkmen knotted carpets in western Europe and America. It competes alongside important collections from Western museums as well as those in Russia and Turkmenistan. With almost 170 objects – among which are distinguished carpets and bags – artistic excellence and historical significance, in particular, come together. As one of the first to do so, Hoffmeister has determined the age of these knotted works of the Turkmen with the aid of radio-carbon techniques. According to the results from the science and technology university ETH in Zurich, the earliest pieces of the collection originate from the sixteenth century.

Both the cultural significance of the collection and the scientific and artistic value of its pieces are discussed in the book. The readers can literally sense the texture of these knotted wares through the brilliant photography, which carry them away on a journey into the lost world of the steppes folk of Central Asia.

The author Elena Tsareva is a curator and scientist and worked for some decades at the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg before switching to the Kunstkamera in St. Petersburg. As a specialist for Central Asian and North Eurasian art she particularly dealt with carpets and textiles.

Discover the fascination of Turkmen knotted works with the masterpieces of the Hoffmeister Collection. Brilliant illustrations and well-informed texts demonstrate the cultural significance of the collection and also the highly scientific and artistic value of its pieces.

Appointed for the R.L. Shep Book Award 2013

Press comments

One of the year's five best books in the field of collectibles! New York Times, 25.11.2011


"[...] ich bin richtig beeindruckt, [...] in erster Linie wegen Ihrer wunderbaren Sammlung turkmenischer Teppiche."
(Prof. Dr. Josef, Hohenstein Laboratories, Boennigkeim)

"I [...] am very impressed! You have made a great masterpiece! [...]"
(Thomas Murray, Asiatica - Ethnographica, California)

"Sie können darauf stolz [sein] auf diesen Meilenstein der Teppichliteratur..."
(Detlef Maltzahn, Rippon Boswell & Co. GmbH)

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