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Barbara Grotkamp-Schepers | Rüdiger Joppien | Peter Schmitt | Heinz Spielmann | Christianne Weber-Stöber


Silver + Gold
184 pages, 24 x 28.5 cm, 114 colour illustrations. Hardcover with dust jacket. Text in English and German.
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For disciples of Pythagoras and Plato the world’s harmony is reflected in the basic forms of the circle, square and triangle. In his work the silversmith Wilfried Moll from Hamburg hardly thinks about these speculative doctrines, which the Renaissance and later Bauhaus paid so much attention to. But he consciously strove – without resting on theories – for ideal form and proportion. Through this his work can stand among the long silversmithing tradition, which began with Wenzel Jamnitzer in the sixteenth century.

Moll’s objects are not spectacular – they are beautiful! When you see them with your own eyes you can sense the very development process – in which time is slowed down. “For me, there’s no wasted time”, says the artist himself. And so works including silver objects, cutlery and also jewellery have developed over the years, which are comprehensively presented for the first time in this publication. Many leading museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York acquired his works as “exemplary examples” for their collections.

Since 1965 there has been a kindred sentiment to his life partner, the jewellery artist Gerda Moll. Next to clarity and stringency, lightness became the most important characteristic of her rings, pendants and necklaces. She abandoned decor completely; the modular parts of her jewellery pieces comply with ornamental working series – thus fulfilling the function of the jewellery.

For the first time and in large format illustrations this publication presents the work of the silversmith Wilfried Moll. Juxtaposed with the jewellery objects of Gerda Moll, the timeless beauty of both works is unveiled. The prolific interaction between the enduring artists and life partnership over the last nearly fifty years becomes apparent. To take part in this is a prize in itself – a “sterling time”!

11 / 26