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Sigurd Bronger 'in between'

@ Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, 28.2. - 11.4.2015

The Rings of Saturn

Bernhard Schobinger in der Galerie SO, London, 5.-29.3.2015

Schmuck 2015

Jewellery events during IHM, 11.-17.3.2015


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Sigurd Bronger 'in between'

@ Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, 28.2. - 11.4.2015

Sigurd Bronger constructed for this exhibition at Galerie Ra different carrying devices that relate to the issue 'in between'. He has chosen to use some of the materials used in his earlier collections, such as egg, stones, cactus spike, diamond, shell… and some new materials. Many of the carrying devices have a construction that holds the material 'in between'. Some of the new pieces can be placed 'in between' functional jewellery, art and objects.

More carrying devices are to be found in Bronger's Laboratorium Mechanum!

The Rings of Saturn

Bernhard Schobinger in der Galerie SO, London, 5.-29.3.2015

Crazy Cross Ring, Six-Edged Ring, Lip Ring, Shot-Through Ring, Turn-Up Ring, Bipol Ring, Pearl Piercing Ring, Nipple Ring, Scissor Ring, Tongue Hole Ring, Paradox Ring, ... - Bernhard Schobinger's Rings of Saturn are on view at Gallery SO in London in March.

Schmuck 2015

Jewellery events during IHM, 11.-17.3.2015

The International Trade Fair Munich is approaching and so is Schmuck 2015. We are looking forward to a number of exciting events. Plan your visit and inform about Schmuck 2015 with Klimt02 and Current Obsession.

In addition, Current Obsession will launch this year a website accompanying Munich Jewellery Week and informing in time about everything one may/could/should/must have seen!

From the Coolest Corner

conquers Munich during 'Munich Jewellery Week 2015'

From the Coolest Corner is fresh jewellery 'on the rocks' from Northern Europe: a comprehensive selection of current works by artists from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The best and most innovative Scandinavian art jewellery is on view from 5.3.2015 at Galerie Handwerk in Munich.

List of participants at 'From the Coolest Corner'.

For further information on the project, the exhibition and the accompanying programme have a look at and Klimt02.

Group of who? Canada's vision of Impressionism

A.K. Prakash in an interview with The Globe and Mail

Toronto-based Ash Prakash is, at 68, one of the most appetitive and knowledgeable collectors of what one auction house used to call “important Canadian art” in the country. His is a connoisseurship cultivated over more than three decades, exercised with considerable discretion, not to mention resourcefulness and resources, both his own and those of the wealthy clients he’s served as adviser and dealer. Prakash has always thought big – he’s been a major mover in recent efforts to heighten appreciation of Emily Carr, the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson “in foreign parts” – but even acolytes and aficionados are likely to be amazed by the ambition and heft of his latest project. It’s an 800-or-so-page, fully illustrated hardcover book, weighing almost five kilograms, called Impressionism in Canada: A Journey of Rediscovery – nothing less than Prakash’s heroic attempt to fully weave Canada’s contributions into the great narrative of Impressionism. Recently, associates spoke with the author about his monument. – James Adams

Read the interview on The Globe and Mail.

More on this weighty standard work on IMPRESSIONISM IN CANADA!


Yasuhisa Kohyama

@ Erskine, Hall & Coe, London

From 4 to 27.2.2015 Erskine, Hall & Coe presents its second solo exhibition of work by the Japanese ceramic artist Yasuhisa Kohyama. The show will comprise of 26 vessels of varying shapes and colours.
Kohyama has played a very unique and significant role in reviving the use of the traditional Japanese 'Anagama' wood firing kiln, as he was the first potter in Shigaraki to build such a kiln since the Middle Ages. He is also a contemporary master of the ancient practice of Sueki, a method that originated in southern China and which accounts for his unglazed yet glassy surface textures.

Discover more vessels by Yasuhisa Kohyama in our flipping book.

Peter Bauhuis: Armillaria

@ Gallery Funaki, Melbourne

Armillaria - Melbourne Hallimasch: The Honey Fungus becomes a metaphor for the network of unseen influences and inspirations that feed Bauhuis' work, shown alongside new cast vessels, and jewellery. On view at Gallery Funaki until 7.3.2015.

Peter Bauhuis' rhizome is also available as ABECEDARIUM!

Kruger at the GRASSI

Between Nature and Artifice

Experimental, unconventional and individual: an irrepressible curiosity and boundless creativity in dealing with materials, forms and techniques are all hallmarks of the work by the jewellery artist DANIEL KRUGER.
On view at the GRASSI Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig until 8 March 2015.

Modest and non-conformist!

Winfried Krüger at Galerie MARZEE, Nijmegen (NL)

The jewellery of Winfried Krüger shows a modern, innovative understanding of jewellery.

His extraordinary artworks, translated from his examination of ideas, form, materiality and surface, are presented by Galerie MARZEE, Nijmegen (NL), until 1.4.2015.

Furthermore the exhibition launches the recently published monograph, whose focus rests on the work from the last twenty years: WINFRIED KRÜGER. No Title.

Beyond G(l)aze

@ KODE Art Museums of Bergen until 12.4.2015

Beyond G(l)aze aims to give insight into how a selection of Norwegian and Chinese artists transform clay into exciting works of art, and to show the strong position of ceramics in international contemporary art.

The exhibition is featuring works by Torbjørn Kvasbø, one of the most fascinating and influential representatives of contemporary art ceramics.

Torbjørn Kvasbø mounting his stacks in Bergen.

Tanel Veenre

featured in "Beauty of the Beast"

In the exhibition Beauty of the Beast Museum Arnhem presents from 24.1 to 10.5.2015 the work of more than 15 international designers and artists who make a connection between taxidermy, jewellery and visual arts. The exhibition presents, on the one hand, wearable jewellery and fashion accessories such as necklaces, brooches, bags, hats, hair ornaments and shoes. But it also includes more sculptural and autonomous work.
Also Tanel Veenre whose extraordinary artist's book HANDFUL has just been released at ARNOLDSCHE, will be featured with "beastly" works of jewellery!

Tokens of the Path

Exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich

The exhibition Tokens of the Path. Japanese Devotional and Pilgrimage Images in the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich presents the collection of Wilfried Spinner (1854-1918) to the public for the first time.

On behalf of his return from an East Asian mission, the Swiss pastor brought back to Europe around eighty religious scrolls, which have only very recently become objects of academic-ethnological exploration in the West as well as in Japan itself. The diverse content of the Devotional and Pilgrimage Images draws an impressive picture of the encounter of religious trends and their hybrid forms in late nineteenth-century Japan - on view until 17.5.15 in Zurich (CH).

The correspondent publication presents the technical, social and religious aspects of the scrolls and explains their significance in rites and pilgrimages in Japan at the time and today.

Felieke van der Leest

@ CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (NL)

From 1st February the work of Dutch jewellery and object artist Felieke van der Leest is on view at CODA Museum, Apeldoorn.
The exhibition INTO THE ZOO carries the visitors off into a playful and colourful world full of charming animals imaginatively attired in crochet

Within the international art jewellery scene Felieke van der Leest has developed her own special language with which she narrates intelligent and witty stories about and with her animal protagonists.

Discover jewellery and objects by the renowned artist from 1996 to the present in our publication.

Ann Wolff - Persona

On view at Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, Munich

The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung dedicates the second project in its exhibition series MASTER | MEISTER to the German-Swedish artist Ann Wolff (b. 1937). Its focus is on those sculptures that Ann Wolff created in the last five years specifically for this exhibition. On view in the garden is a new aluminum sculpture, older works as well as pastel drawings.

Ann Wolff is one of the most important and striking artists to use the expressive diversity of the material glass in a new and virtuoso manner. Continually exploring the existential questions of being human is an important and fundamental driving force for her work.

The exhibition is on view until 12.6.2015 in Munich. For a glimpse at Ann Wolff's oeuvre please follow this link



American Studio Jewelry, 1940-1970, Lecture at Die Neue Sammlung, Munich, 15.3.2015

The development of American studio jewelry is not very well-known in Europe. Art historian Toni Greenbaum will discuss cogent issues affecting the evolution of studio jewelry in America during the mid-twentieth century. She will address the formative organizations, educational opportunities, museum exhibitions, publications, and commercial activity taking some most interesting artists as example, such as Alexander Calder, Art Smith, Sam Kramer, Margaret De Patta, Olaf Skoogfors, Stanley Lechtzin, J. Fred Woell, Ramona Solberg and John Paul Miller.

Lecture | Sunday, March 15, 2015 | 11.00 a.m. | Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium, Pinakothek der Moderne | Lecture in English | Admission free

Organised by Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich, supported by ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers.

BOOK SIGNING at Schmuck 2015

@ Chrome Yellow Books

Chrome Yellow Books will hold a book signing on Saturday, 14.3.2015, at Internationale Handwerksmesse München with the jewellery artists

DANIEL KRUGER and TANEL VEENRE whose books have been released by ARNOLDSCHE.


The participants of the special exhibition...

...of the '67. Internationalen Handwerksmesse München', selected by Eva Eisler.