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Ekstrøm Extreme

Exhibition opening 12.2.2016
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo...

Leonard Rickhard @ ARoS

12.2.- 15.5.2016, ARoS, Arhus (DK)


Mari Ishikawa

where does the parallel world exist?
Eröffnung am 18.2.2016, Bayerischer...


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Ekstrøm Extreme

Exhibition opening 12.2.2016
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo (NO), 14.2.-15.5.2016

TheNasjonalmuseet in Oslo hosts the first comprehensive retrospective of the pioneering Norwegian designer Terje Ekstrøm (1944-2013) whose work contributed a new vitality and independence to the Norwegian design scene of the 1970s and 80s. Challenging the ideals of the golden age of Scandinavian design, his practice was characterised by an eclectic search for originality.

Discover Ekstrøm's iconic designs of the Ekstrem chair, the Fasett loudspeaker and numerous hence unseen design models!

Leonard Rickhard @ ARoS

12.2.- 15.5.2016, ARoS, Arhus (DK)

Leonard Rickhard is an outstanding representative of contemporary art in Norway. ARoS Kunstmuseum in Aarhus (DK) presents in spring 2016 a comprehensive selection of his most important and significant paintings from the 1970s to the present day, enhanced by a selection of sketches. Browse Rickhard's monograph for a preview!

Mari Ishikawa

where does the parallel world exist?
Eröffnung am 18.2.2016, Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, 19.2.-2.4.2016

The exhibition at Bayerischen Kunstgewerbeverein, Munich, includes jewellery and photographs from the artist spanning the period from 1999 until today. This work shows clearly that beauty surrounds us in the seemingly banal. It invites us to accept the invitation and look more closely on our next walk outdoors, because only then, will we become aware of the natural beauty and richness of our environment.

Discover more in Mari Ishikawas' monograph - to be released in mid-February!

Thomas Gentille

American Jeweler
Exhibition opening on 26.2.2016, Die Neue Sammlung, Munich (DE), 27.2.-5.6.2016

Thomas Gentille is a leading studio jewellery artist not just in the United States but in the world as a whole. To mark his 80th birthday in 2016, Die Neue Sammlung in Munich decided to invite the co-founder of studio jewellery in America to stage his first comprehensive retrospective. On display will be 180 items of jewellery, drawings and a film conceived and realised by the artist about the two most important cities in his life, namely New York and Munich.

Discover more in Thomas Gentelli's monograph - to be released end of February!

Oslo meets Munich

The Oslo National Academy of the Arts at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, 27.2.-5.6.2016

During Schmuck 2016 the Metal and Jewellery Course of the Oslo National Academy of Arts and its teacher Sigurd Bronger show their most recent work at Die Neue Sammlung. Contemporary formulations of studio jewellery will be on view, encompassing the body as a narrative arena in which jewellery can – in different ways – open up perspectives that may not always be linked to adornment. This also helps to change perceptions of the bodies that bear them. The possibility of being able to make a statement with one individual body, to be one’s own gallery, contrasts starkly with the generalising narratives about body and identities contemporary world is offering to us.

NEW RELEASES in Spring/Summer 2016

The new spring programme is out now!

In spring 2016 our publishing programme will focus on Scandinavia: for the very first time, forty years of Conceptual art by Norwegian Bård Breivik is to be honoured in a comprehensive monograph. And whilst Tapio Wirkkala will be representing the organic-sculptural design of the 1950s with his glass and silver designs, we will be addressing Norway’s first postmodern designer, Terje Ekstrøm. An inventory of current approaches in art jewellery – on display from mid-March 2016 at the Nationalmuseum Stockholm – rounds off our ‘Scandinavian spring’. You can find information about these publications and other, significant new releases here. Enjoy!


ausgezeichnet! most excellent!

Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Chemnitz (DE), until 14.2.2016

Do heroes still exist? If so, who are they? Can (and should) they be recognized? These questions emanate around the world from Chemnitz, where the focus is on the culture of honoring today’s real or fictitious heroes and on contemporary forms of awards and commendations. Artists from Asia, America and Europe individually, emotionally and enthusiastically reflected on this theme. Their responses range from the pride individuals take in personal accomplishments for the greater good to outstanding personalities, and from categorical refusal to elevate one person above others to labeling, stigmatizing and excluding.

The showing in Wasserschloss Klaffenbach features jewelry art, photography, sculpture and video art, augmented by several examples of the cultural of honors from the German army’s museum of military history in Dresden.

ausgezeichnet! most excellent! is an exhibition project of the Chemnitzer Künstlerbundes e.V. in cooperation with the German army’s museum of military history and the Institute for European Studies at Chemnitz Polytechnic. The patroness is Barbara Ludwig, lord mayor of the city of Chemnitz.

High Society

Franz Xaver Winterhalter at the Augustinermuseum Freiburg (DE), until 20.3.2016

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873) was the most renowned portraitist of the courts of Europe during his day. A well-connected painter, he expertly captured the refinement and opulence of his aristocrtatic sitters.

The first comprehensive retrospective of Winterhalter including many well known portraits is now on view at the Augustinermuseum in Freiburg (DE). Upcoming venus in 2016/2017 are the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (US) and the Palais de Compiègne (FR).

See more in our catalogue High Society. The Portraits of Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Hanne Borchgrevink

The Aesthetics of Simplicity on 29.1.2016
at Lillehammer Art Museum (NO), until 29.5.2016

For almost forty years, Hanne Borchgrevink has explored the limits of colour and shape on canvas and on paper within a clearly defined frame: the house. She explores this leitmotif incessantly in ever new constellations, reducing it to its elemental forms. In constantly repeating her painterly lexis and canon of motifs, she invariably arrives at surprising and challenging new solutions - on view at Lillehammer Art Museum from end of January on.

See also her comprehensive monograph Hanne Borchgrevink.

Preparing Hanne Borchgrevink's retrospective at Lillehammer Art Museum (1.12.2015).