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Fritz Maierhofer

Schloss St. Martin, Graz (AT), until 8.5.2016

High Society

The Portraits of Franz Xaver Winterhalter
On view at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston,...

Leonard Rickhard @ ARoS

ARoS, Arhus (DK), until 15.5.2016



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Fritz Maierhofer

Schloss St. Martin, Graz (AT), until 8.5.2016

On the occasion of Fritz Maierhofer's 75th anniversary Schloss St. Martin in Graz shows his jewellery and sculptures from 1970 until the present day. We congratulate Fritz and enjoy his monograph Fritz Maierhofer. jewellery and more! and the retrospective in Jewellery 1970-2015!

High Society

The Portraits of Franz Xaver Winterhalter
On view at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 17.4.-14.8.2016

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873) was the most renowned portraitist of the courts of Europe during his day. A well-connected painter, he expertly captured the refinement and opulence of his aristocrtatic sitters.

The first comprehensive retrospective of Winterhalter for more than 20 years - including many well known portraits - will be on view at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (US).

See more in our catalogue High Society. The Portraits of Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Leonard Rickhard @ ARoS

ARoS, Arhus (DK), until 15.5.2016

Leonard Rickhard is an outstanding representative of contemporary art in Norway. ARoS Kunstmuseum in Aarhus (DK) presents in spring 2016 a comprehensive selection of his most important and significant paintings from the 1970s to the present day, enhanced by a selection of sketches. Browse Rickhard's monograph for a preview!

Ekstrøm Extreme

The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo (NO), until 15.5.2016

TheNasjonalmuseet in Oslo hosts the first comprehensive retrospective of the pioneering Norwegian designer Terje Ekstrøm (1944-2013) whose work contributed a new vitality and independence to the Norwegian design scene of the 1970s and 80s. Challenging the ideals of the golden age of Scandinavian design, his practice was characterised by an eclectic search for originality.

Discover Ekstrøm's iconic designs of the Ekstrem chair, the Fasett loudspeaker and numerous hence unseen design models!

Open Space - Mind Maps

Nationalmuseum Design, Stockholm (SE), until 15.5.2016

Open Space - Mind Maps pursues the current development in art jewellery that is positioned far from the merely decorative in the aesthetic and artistic discourse of our time. 30 international artists were invited to explore the buzzwords inhabiting current trends, such as the nomadic aspect and the tendency towards narrative imagery. On view at Nationalmuseum Design at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm (SE).

Discover more in the accompanying catalogue Open Space - Mind Maps, to be released in early March.

Hanne Borchgrevink

The Aesthetics of Simplicity
at Lillehammer Art Museum (NO), until 29.5.2016

For almost forty years, Hanne Borchgrevink has explored the limits of colour and shape on canvas and on paper within a clearly defined frame: the house. She explores this leitmotif incessantly in ever new constellations, reducing it to its elemental forms. In constantly repeating her painterly lexis and canon of motifs, she invariably arrives at surprising and challenging new solutions - on view at Lillehammer Art Museum from end of January on.

See also her comprehensive monograph Hanne Borchgrevink.

Preparing Hanne Borchgrevink's retrospective at Lillehammer Art Museum (1.12.2015).

Thomas Gentille

American Jeweler
Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum, Munich (DE), until 5.6.2016

Thomas Gentille is a leading studio jewellery artist not just in the United States but in the world as a whole. To mark his 80th birthday in 2016, Die Neue Sammlung in Munich decided to invite the co-founder of studio jewellery in America to stage his first comprehensive retrospective. On display will be 180 items of jewellery, drawings and a film conceived and realised by the artist about the two most important cities in his life, namely New York and Munich.

Discover more in Thomas Gentelli's monograph - to be released end of February!

Anton Cepka - Kinetischer Schmuck

Slowakische Nationalgalerie, Bratislava (SK), until 5.6.2016

The Slovak National Gallery dedicates the first individual exhibition of a contemporary Central and Eastern European artist to Anton Cepka. With jewellery objects, sculptures and design realisations this exhibition introduces Anton Cepka not only as the founding figure of Slovak and Czech art jewellery, but as a particular creator of kinetic objects, author of not only small artworks, but also large objects designed for public space.

Get a comprehensive overview about Anton Cepka's amazing kinetic (jewellery) art in his monograph Anton Cepka. Jewelry and Objects.

Renewed Past - Evert Nijland

CODA, Apeldoorn (NL), until 28.8.2016

Renewed Past at CODA, Apeldoorn (NL), shows how themes, visual language and techniques from the past play a new and vibrant role in contemporary art. An important part of this exhibition is an overview of jewellery made by Evert Nijland. His work is combined with a broad selection of contemporary art by visual artists who, each in their own way, work with elements and symbolism from Western (art) history and/or historical techniques and crafts.

A monograph on Evert Nijland's art jewellery will be published in March 2016, illustrating his love for all the arts of the past, his fascination for abundance and aesthetics, and his passion for jewellery as a medium. Stay tuned!

Visit from on High

Gothic sculptures meet Annelies Štrba
Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen (CH), bis 28.8.2016

A selection of fifteen medieval sculptures from the E. G. Bührle Collection will be shown at Museum zu Allerheiligen alongside a group of works by the well-known Swiss photographer and video artist Annelies Štrba depicting the Virgin Mother. Her interpretations open the viewer’s gaze to the spiritual dimension of medieval art with unusual visual creations.

Find out more about Annelies Štrba's oeuvre in Adrian Schiess - Bernhard Schobinger - Annelies Štrba and her monograph My Life's Dreams.

Passionément céramique

The Frank Nievergelt Collection
Musée Ariana, Genf (CH), until 25.9.2016

With passion and expert insight, Frank Nievergelt compiled an impressive collection over forty-five years of more than 900 pieces of contemporary ceramic illustrating the quality and diversity of the field. A selection of 40 artists is now on view at Musée Ariana.

Discover the exquisite collection in the accompanying publication.

Inrō - Japanese Belt Ornaments

at Linden-Museum Stuttgart
until 29.1.2017

Inrō are sets of small cases nested within one another, and were predominantly used to carry official seals and medicine. They were attached to a sash by a toggle (netsuke). These cases first came into fashion in the 16th century and remained a striking accessory of Japanese men's fashion up until the end of the 1800s. A small-scale exhibition at Linden-Museum Stuttgart presents a selection of the Linden-Museum's extensive collection of inrō and pairs them with a large assortment of netsuke.

The accompanying catalogue raisonée of the collections presents all pieces, their motifs and decorations in stunning new photographs.