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Ann Wolff - Persona

On view at Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, Munich

Fantastical Worlds

Exhibition of the Porzellansammlung (Porcelain Collection) in the Dresden Zwinger


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Ann Wolff - Persona

On view at Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, Munich

The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung dedicates the second project in its exhibition series MASTER | MEISTER to the German-Swedish artist Ann Wolff (b. 1937). Its focus is on those sculptures that Ann Wolff created in the last five years specifically for this exhibition. On view in the garden is a new aluminum sculpture, older works as well as pastel drawings.

Ann Wolff is one of the most important and striking artists to use the expressive diversity of the material glass in a new and virtuoso manner. Continually exploring the existential questions of being human is an important and fundamental driving force for her work.

The exhibition is on view until 12.6.2015 in Munich. For a glimpse at Ann Wolff's oeuvre please follow this link

Fantastical Worlds

Exhibition of the Porzellansammlung (Porcelain Collection) in the Dresden Zwinger

On the occasion of the 300th birthday of Adam Friedrich von Löwenfinck the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden dedicates a comprehensive exhibition to the most significant painter of ceramics.
The special exhibition, based on several years of research, presents the most recent results and offers an essential revaluation of the oeuvre, which was until now sceptically debated.

From October 1, 2014 Fantastical Worlds: Painting on Meissen porcelain and German faience by Adam Friedrich von Löwenfinck 1714–1754 shows a world of colourfully iridescent and fairy-tale mythical creatures.

The exhibition at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden is accompanied by our catalogue.

Daniel Kruger at Galerie Rob Koudijs

until 25.10.2014

Being born in South Africa where Dutch is still a native language, Daniel Kruger is familiar with the concept of the 'voorkamer' (frontroom). It meant the special room in the house, usually at a farm or mansion, which was only used for entertaining important guests. In this way the FrontRoom at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam supplied not only the title, but also a fitting location to welcome Kruger as a new artist in the gallery.

The presentation proceeds Kruger's retrospective exhibitions in Leipzig, Pforzheim, Hanau and Den Bosch from December 2014 onwards giving an exciting overview of 40 years of his art jewellery. Do not miss to take a glimpse at Daniel Kruger's recently released monograph Between Nature and Artifice!


50 years that changed China

A major exhibition at the British Museum that will explore a golden age in China’s history.

From 18.9. until 5.1.2015 the exhibition Ming: 50 years that changed China presents spectacular objects including porcelain, gold, jewellery, furniture, paintings, sculptures and textiles.
As a teaser before the exhibition opening in September we recommend to take a look in our publication MING: Porcelain for a Globalised Trade.

Robotic. Art & Design: NOMINATED!

German Federal Design Award 2014

Foto: Source

After the bestowal of the Red Dot Design Award 2013, Robotic is nominated for the German Federal Design Award 2014!

Read more about the publication Robotic of Axel Thallemer and Martin Danzer.

NEW RELEASES in Autumn/Winter 2014

Discover our new books in the Catalogue for Autumn/Winter 2014!

Herbert Hofmann-Award 2014

March 15, 2014

We are pleased to announce that Iris Bodemer, an artist represented in our program, has won the prestigious HERBERT HOFMANN-AWARD 2014! The other award winners are Ikeyama Akihiro and Noon Passama. The award is given annually in memory of Dr. Herbert Hofmann, who created the special show "Schmuck" in 1959.

More about Iris Bodemer's jewelry creation can be learned in her recently published monograph REBUS.

You are here

May 2014

is the title of a photo art project that, for the first time, combines different kinds of landscape photography and a series of conceptual portraits.

'You are here' will be realized for international exhibitions and 3 illustrated books, that will be published by us with the following contents:
1. AIRshots – aerial images (containing text originating from the 'Icelandic Journal' 1871/73 by William Morris)
2. CARshots & FLOWshots – photographs taken out of the driving car a.o. (containing text originating from the 'Icelandic Journal' by 1871/73 William Morris)
3. Portraits – more than 100 Portraits in front of a neutral background

It is the first crowdfunding project we take part in - maybe you want to do that, too?


Jewellery: Iris Bodemer & Ute Eitzenhöfer

until 14.9.2014

Iris Bodemer & Ute Eitzenhöfer. Source: CODA Museum.

With the exposition "Jewellery: Iris Bodemer & Ute Eitzenhöfer" the CODA Museum attends to two significant contemporary jewellery artists. The art pieces from Herbert Hofmann-laureate Iris Bodemer and Ute Eitzenhöfer are on view from 1.6. to 14.9.2014 at the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn (NL).

See the exhibition Jewellery: Iris Bodemer & Ute Eitzenhöfer.

From the Coolest Corner - Nordic Jewellery

until 21.9.2014

FROM THE COOLEST CORNER is fresh jewellery 'on the rocks' from Northern Europe: a comprehensive selection of current works by artists from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The best and most innovative Scandinavian art jewellery is now on view at the Röhsska Museum for Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For a glimpse at the accompanying publication please follow this link.

The list of all participants at 'From the Coolest Corner' is available here.

For further information on the project, the exhibition and the accompanying programme have a look at and New Adventures in Jewellery.

Daniel Kruger

until 28.9.2014


Experimental, unconventional and individual: an irrepressible curiosity and boundless creativity in dealing with materials, forms and techniques are all hallmarks of the work by the jewellery artist Daniel Kruger.

His jewellery pieces are on view at Sienna Gallery until 28.9.2014.

Our newly released publication Between Nature and Artifice presents his works from the last forty years.

Otto Künzli. The exhibition.

until 5.10.2014

Image: Source

Regarded as ‘one of the most intelligent and at the same time most critical artists in the world of jewelry’ (Ralph Turner: The New Jewelry, 1985/1994), Otto Künzli revolutionised modern jewellery design.



From series to one-offs

until 5.10.2014

Image: Die Neue Sammlung. Source

His incisive designs are everywhere: in our kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms in the form of furniture, tableware, glass and cutlery; and now on view at Keramik-Museum Weidenuntil 5.10.2014!

Our publication "Hans-Theo Baumann: art & design 1950-2010" is here available.

Bernhard Schobinger: The Rings of Saturn

until 19.10.2014

Abb.: Bernhard Schobinger. Source

One of the most provocative, critical, and artistically inspiring contemporary jewellery artists: With his work, THE RINGS OF SATURN, the Grand Prix Design laureate Bernhard Schobinger is on view at the Manchester Art Gallery until 19.10.2014.

To discover more from Bernhard Schobinger, click here.

Imagine Japan

until 19.04.2015

Image: Imagine Japan. Source

Imagine Japan! On show at the Musée d'ethnographie Neuchâtel until April 15, 2015.

And also the exhibition to our new publication "Imagine Japan" due in October.