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Yasuhisa Kohyama in Frankfurt

Japan Art, Galerie Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (DE), 7.11.-5.12.2015


Otto Künzli im Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, 10.10.-27.12.2015


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Yasuhisa Kohyama in Frankfurt

Japan Art, Galerie Friedrich Müller, Frankfurt am Main (DE), 7.11.-5.12.2015

As the first gallery in Germany Japan Art is presenting works of the Japanese ceramic artist Yasuhisa Kohyama in a solo exhibition. The skilful works of Kohyama are inspired by ancient Japanese Shigaraki, Jomon and Yayoi ceramics. Using special Shigaraki clay and the fire of an anagama wood kiln, in the fusion of traditional technique and a modern language of form he creates vessels and sculptures that are not only powerful and innovative but also timelessly beautiful. Characteristic for Kohyama’s asymmetric objects is their rough surface as well as an exciting interplay of colour, which is created without glaze and solely by the movement of the ash and the position of the object within the kiln. See more in Kohyama's monograph The Art of Ceramics.

Eröffnung am 7.11.2015, 11 Uhr



Otto Künzli im Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, 10.10.-27.12.2015

Otto Künzli is one of the most important figures in the world of contemporary jewellery. During his long career, he has skillfully worked the relationship between jewellery and the wearer’s body, as well as the potential of jewellery as a medium of communication to build connections between individuals and societies. In the process, he has transformed jewelry into a universal metaphor for humanity and social relations. Thanks to his consistently conceptual approach, as well as the humor he expresses through his works, Künzli has gained attention and regard beyond the field of jewellery. Over 200 works from 1967 to pieces created especially for this exhibition, including drawings, photographs and installations, are on view at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum and in THE BOOK, Otto Künzli's comprehensive monograph.

Daniel Kruger @ sm's

Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch (NL), 17.10.2015-24.1.2016

Daniel Kruger’s jewellery and ceramics are a play of contrasts between organic and geometric forms, hard and soft materials, colour and form. These contrasts heighten the impact of his forms on the senses. His choice of materials is eclectic. Ornament and décor refer to antique or ethnic jewellery, or ceramic kitsch. He refers to the pronouncedly erotic quality of his work and its dialogue between nature and culture. Apparently Daniel Kruger is out not just to please his public, but above all to stimulate it.

Daniel Kruger (Cape Town, 1951) has been living and working in Berlin since 1974. The Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch has been collecting and exhibiting his ceramics and jewellery for more than thirty years. This retrospective presents more than 200 items of jewellery and 60 ceramic works, many of them from the museum’s own collection.

Learn more about Daniel Kruger in his monograph Between Nature and Artifice and on Klimt02.

Annette Lucks - Fest

Maurer Zilioli - Contemporary Arts, Munich (DE), 26.11.2015-6.2.2016

Following the retrospective exhibition at Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel, Regensburg (DE), Maurer Zilioli-Contemporary Arts is presenting a selection of the most recent works by the Munich artist Annette Lucks in which drawing, painting and etching merge into an emotionally charged overall tableau.

See also the recently published monograph Annette Lucks - Flipflop. Paintings - Drawings - Ceramics.

Literary reading with Annette Lucks on Thursday, 10.12.2015, 7 p.m.

ausgezeichnet! most excellent!

Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Chemnitz (DE), until 14.2.2016

Do heroes still exist? If so, who are they? Can (and should) they be recognized? With the ausgezeichnet! most excellent! exhibition These questions emanate around the world from Chemnitz, where the focus is on the culture of honoring today’s real or fictitious heroes and on contemporary forms of awards and commendations. Artists from Asia, America and Europe individually, emotionally and enthusiastically reflected on this theme. Their responses range from the pride individuals take in personal accomplishments for the greater good to outstanding personalities, and from categorical refusal to elevate one person above others to labeling, stigmatizing and excluding.

The showing in Wasserschloss Klaffenbach features jewelry art, photography, sculpture and video art, augmented by several examples of the cultural of honors from the German army’s museum of military history in Dresden.

ausgezeichnet! most excellent! is an exhibition project of the Chemnitzer Künstlerbundes e.V. in cooperation with the German army’s museum of military history and the Institute for European Studies at Chemnitz Polytechnic. The patroness is Barbara Ludwig, lord mayor of the city of Chemnitz.

The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue ausgezeichnet! most excellent!, launch in January 2016.