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Junger Kunstkreis Fulda

Aufbruch in die Nachkriegsmoderne: Die Druckgrafik

Vonderau Museum Fulda...

Franz X. Höller

Retrospective. Glass.

Handwerksmuseum Deggendorf (DE), 20.11.2018–10.3.2019

Annelies Štrba: Ikonen

Selected works from the past 25 years

Fabian & Claude Walter Gallery, Zurich (CH),...


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Jörg Schwandt


Silver Jewellery – 20th Century
232 pp., 24 × 28 cm, 265 colour ills. and 71 maker's marks. Hardcover. English / German.
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Simplicity of material and solid craftsmanship have secured Danish silver jewellery its prominent role in the twentieth century. Until c. 1920 the chasing technique creates an intensive plasticity; the imagery is concrete and close to nature. The functionalistic period with its geometrical design leaves the narrative element behind, preparing for the abstract, sculptural forms of the 1950s. Smooth surfaces and lively reflections of light characterize the second half of the century.

With 170 jewellery pieces, the new Schwandt Collection documents an important development in the jewellery history of the 20th century. The overall aesthetic evaluation is followed by a closer observation of the artists and trends in 20 chapters.

A detailed presentation of the individual periods, the artists and their works reveals the full range of formal and technical aspects of this collection area. The directory with 71 brands of companies and designers is an important tool for the unambiguous identification of Danish silver jewellery.

Selected artists: Mogens Ballin, Thorvald Bindesboll, Georg Jensen, Erik Magnussen, Karl Gustav Hansen, Henning Koppel, Nanna and Jorgen Ditzel, Bent Knudsen, Bent Gabrielsen Pedersen and Bent Exner.

Jörg Schwandt publishes on German arts and crafts and Danish silver of the 20th century, including the renowned silversmiths Karl Gustav Hansen and Svend Weihrauch. The first Schwandt collection of 950 objects has been in Den Gamle By in Aarhus, Denmark, since 2017.

Exhibitions: GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig (DE), 2.6.–7.10.2018, Bröhan-Museum, Berlin (DE), 14.11.2018–3.3.2019

14 / 35