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Altrichter, Viola

is a cultural sociologist Studies in art history, German studies,

Amme, Jochen

The author and collector (b. 1935) studied architecture and law

Ask, Trygve

Trygve Ask is Senior Project Manager at Scandinavian Business Seating

Astfalck, Jivan

Astrup Bull, Knut

Senior curator at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and

Bauhuis, Peter

1965 born in Friedrichshafen (DE) 1986-1990 Staatliche Zeichenakademie Hanau, apprenticeship

Bollmann, Dr. Karl

Lawyer, lives in Vienna. For decades he engages himself in

Brattig, Dr. Patricia

Art historian, who studied art history, Romance languages and classical

Brix, Michael

Michael Brix, art historian and professor at the Munich University

Bronger, Sigurd

1957 born in Oslo, Norway Lives and works in Oslo,

Buhrs, Michael

Michael Buhrs is an art historian and, since 2007, director

Büttner-Kirschner, Dr. phil. Katharina

Cecilie Malm Brundtland, Harriet

born 1961 EDUCATION 1995 Master of Art (Mag.Art.) – University

Chadour-Sampson, Beatriz

is an international jewellery historian, scholarly author and lecturer. Her

Chilton, Meredith

independent art historian, living in Lac-Brome, Quebec, Canada, who specializes

Christofori, Ralf

Ralf Christofori graduated in art history and philosophy followed by

Compaoré, Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso, Robert

Victor & Robert Compaoré © Pierre Pfiffner, La Chaux-de-Fonds Robert

Compaoré, Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso, Robert

Victor & Robert Compaoré © Pierre Pfiffner, La Chaux-de-Fonds Robert

Cunningham, Michael R.

A graduate in Far Eastern Art History from the University

David Huycke

DAVID HUYCKE’S (b. 1967) work is shown in galleries and

Defner, Elisabeth J.

den Besten, Liesbeth

photographer: Martijn Steiner Lovisa studied Art History and Archaeology at

Dicke, Bernd

Born 1960 in Duisburg. Served an apprenticeship as a compositor

Dobler, Georg

Drutt English, Helen Williams

was Executive Director and a founding member of the Philadelphia

Dysthe, Trinelise

Trinelise Dysthe is an interior designer (MNIL) and employee of

E. Dechant, Robert

Email: Author of: GOLDSCHEIDER. History of the Company and

Engelsing, Dr. phil. Tobias

Enke, Dieter

Born 1931 and raised in Berlin. Studies in architecture at

Fahrner-Tutsek, Dr. Eva-Maria

Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek studied sociology, political science, and psychology at the

Falk, Fritz

Fritz Falk, who holds a doctorate in art history and

Fallan, Kjetil

Kjetil Fallan is Professor of Design History at the University

Fecker, Dr. ing. Edwin

Flor, Thomas

Artist, curator and writer. Flor studied at the Trondheim Academy

Friedman, Barry

Barry Friedman, a long-established presence in the international art market,

Fritzsche, Christoph

Dr. Christoph Fritzsche, born in 1938 in Magdeburg, first came

Fulton, Hamish

1946: born in London 1964-69: Hammersmith College of Art London

Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias, Dr. Gabriela

Born 3 October 1958 in Vienna; Culture journalist Curator of

Galeyev, Ildar

born 1966 studies the work of Russian artists during the

Gali, André

Andre Gali is head of critical theory and publications at

Gisbourne, Mark

MARK GISBOURNE, born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England (1948), was educated in

Goldscheider, Filipp

Email: Homepage: (Co-) Author of our publication: GOLDSCHEIDER

Greenberg, Daniel

Grünwald, Jan

is a research associate at Goethe University Institute for New

Habermas, Tilmann

teaches psychoanalysis in the Department of Psychology at the Goethe

Hagströmer, Denise

Halén, Widar

Dr Widar Halén, director of Design and Decorative Arts at

Higby, Wayne

Born 1943, Colorado Springs, CO EDUCATION University of Michigan, Ann

Hiller, Mirjam

Ho, Cindy

Cindy Ho reconstructed the Quentin Roosevelt collection and conceived the

Hufnagl, Prof. Dr. Florian

Photo: Hannes Magerstaedt, München Director General of Die Neue Sammlung

Inui, Yoshiaki

Born in 1927, Yoshiaki Inui graduated from and became professor

Jackson, Anna

As keeper of the Asia Department of the Victoria and

Jakobson, Hans-Peter

HANS-PETER JAKOBSON was born 1947 in Wittenberge (Prignitz, DE). Studied cultural

Jefferies, Susan

is an independent curator. Educated at the University of California

Jivan, Astfalck,

Jochem, Marlene

Art historian, 1977 – 2004 research assistant, 2004 – 2011

Johnsen, Espen

Espen Johnsen is Associate Professor of the history of architecture

Jönsson, Love

Kaufmann, Ulla & Martin

Kimmerle, Constance

has been Curator of Collections at the James A. Michener

Koch (†), Alexander

Born in 1895, worked from 1920 at the family publishing

Koch, Dr. Michael

Kodré, Helfried

Kohl, Karl-Heinz

Kohl, Karl-Heinz

Kovalevski, Dr. phil. Bärbel

Künzli, Otto

Born 1948 in Zurich, he took his final apprenticeship exam

Lenor Larsen, Jack

internationally known textile designer, author, and collector, is one of

Lessmann, Dr. Johanna

Studied art history in Göttingen, Freiburg and Bonn. From 1974

Lindemann, Wilhelm

Wilhelm Lindemann, born 1949. Studies in philosophy, comparative literature and

Lippert (†), Ekkehard

had for many years archived written accounts and verbal accounts

Lippert, Inge

has for many years archived written accounts and verbal accounts

Mackert, Suska

trained as a goldsmith at the State College for Glass

Maierhofer, Fritz

1941 born in Vienna (AT) 1966 traditional goldsmith apprenticeship and

Mälk, Kadri

b. 1958 1981-1986 Estonian State Art Institute (ERKI), Tallinn (EE),

Malte, Charlotte

Martens, Olaf

Born in Halle (Saale) in 1963, Martens lives in Leipzig.

Martinazzi, Bruno

Mathieu, Christine

Christine Mathieu is an ethnohistorian who has studied the histories

Maurer Zilioli, Dr. phil. Ellen

1996 Taught at Passau University; 1996 –1998 academic assistant at

McInnes, Mary

Mehus, Konrad

1967 Zertifikat als Goldschmied 1967 Teacher Training College for arts

Michael Koch, Dr.

Miller, Kenneth R.

Kenneth R. Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University.

Mink, Dorothea

Dorothea Mink has been a professor of Fashion Design and

Nyström, Dr. phil. Bengt

born in 1937 and retired museum director, has been employed

Oldknow, Tina

Tina Oldknow is Curator of Modern Glass at The Corning

Penson, Miron

born 1928 Son of Max Penson. Photographer and cinematographer. Worked

Peters, Ruudt

Beginning in the 1970’s, Ruudt Peters, a pioneering Dutch conceptual

Ransve, Bjørn

Rasche, Adelheid

Photo: Martin Gosewisch born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1963. She

Reese, Jens

Reese, Jens, born 1935 in Flensburg. Studies of metall technology

Richard, Birgit

has been lecturing theoretical and practical New Media at the

Romano, Nel

Born in Alexandria, Nel Romano is a film-maker, writer, and

Ruutiainen, Päivi

S. Cooke Jr., Edward

the Charles F. Montgomery Professor of American Decorative Arts in

S. Taragin, Davira

Formerly curator at The Detroit Institute of Arts (1978 –

Schloss Friedenstein Gotha, Stiftung

Schmitt, Peter

Peter Schmitt MA, born 1939, was deputy director of the

Schobinger, Bernhard

Biography and lectureships 1946 Born in Zürich 1962-63 Attended Kunstgewerbeschule

Scott, Paul

Seif, Hadi

was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1948. He is currently

Seiwert, Wolf-Dieter

studied Arabic and economics at the Leipzig University Oriental Studies

Selvaggio, Rita

Born 1961 in Brindisi, Italy Art historian. Master’s degree in

Sledziewski, Elisabeth G.

teaches political science, moral philosophy and bioethics at Paris-Est Créteil

Slifkin, Robert

is Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at the Institute of

Spindler, Konrad

completed his doctoral studies in prehistoric and protohistoric archaeology in

Stark, Dr. phil. Barbara

Stohler, Peter

born 1967 in Belp (Switzerland). Studies in art- and film

Štrba, Annelies

1947 born in Zug/Switzerland. lives in Richterswil at Zürichsee 1971/73

Ströber, Eva

Read Chinese Studies, East Asian art history, philosophy and comparative

Stürzl, Winfried

Photo: André Noll born 1967 in Esslingen am Neckar, lives

Thallemer, Axel

born 08/08/1959 in Munich-Schwabing / Upper Bavaria. Studied Theory of

Thormann, Dr. Olaf

born 1962 in Limbach-Oberfrohna in Saxony. Studies in art history.

Threuter, Christina

is a post-doctoral habilitated graduate of Art Science specialising in

Tsareva, Dr. Elena

Tsareva, Elena

Unger, Gerard

was born in Arnhem, Netherlands in 1942. He studied graphic

Unger, Marjan

was born in 1946 (Marianne de Boer) and studied industrial

Veenre, Tanel

b. 1977 1995–2001 Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn (EE), department

Veiteberg, Jorunn

PhD in history of art from the University of Bergen,

Vetter, Dr. Ingrid

Studies in Art History, History and Building History at the

Voigt, Stefanie

was born in 1969 in Ansbach, Germany. Having studied art

Voigt, Uwe

was born 1965 in Lichtenfels, Germany. Between 1985 and 1992,

Watkins, David

Weber-Stöber, Dr. Christianne

art historian and jewellery scientist, numerous publications to contemporary jewellery

Weber, Norman

Wittkopp, Gregory

is the Director of Cranbrook Art Museum and the Cranbrook

Zanella, Annamaria

Ziegler, Reinhold

Zika, Anna

Anna Zika, art historian, professor of the theory of design

Þórsdóttir, Harpa

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